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My Cold Weather Bag

Car cold weather bagWith the weather they're calling for this winter, even on the coast, I decided to double check my "cold weather driving bag". It's a bag I throw into my trunk come fall when the weather starts to turn, typically around the time I do my yearly Thanksgiving drive to the Okanagan or Interior.

Being a Vancouver boy the clothes I'm wearing wouldn't do for a cold overnight or getting stuck in a snow storm. The bag contains a snow suit with gloves, boots. and touque, plus a set of candles. I've read the warmth from a candle inside your car can make a big difference, though I've lain down in a snow bank in 20 below and been quite comfy in the snow suit. Either way I'm covered unless things get severe!

I've only had to use the bag once when we had the huge blizzard that shut everything down for 3 days. Was that the late 90's or early 2k's? I could have gotten by without it, but it was sure nice peace of mind when the road started to look impassable and I thought I was going to have to hunker down for a while!

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