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Sins of the City - 2009

Jail time for DaleLast night I was a very pleased guest at the "Sins of the City" Tweetup at the Vancouver Police Museum. Don't know what "tweetup" means? Don't worry, it's not important. What is important is sex, drugs, illegal weapons, and the stories that surround them!

"Sins of the City" is a historical walking tour run by the Vancouver Police Museum. Some 30 of us were guests of Chris Mathieson, the museum's Executive Director, for a museum open house and preview of 2009's tour (the tour changes every year).

During the open house we got to check out the museum. The items and displays were interesting, but not exciting. That is, until Mathieson started circulating and telling us the stories behind them. The items and their history came alive! Some stories were cute, like the police robot formally known as Expo Earnie, and some poingnant, like the police service revolver that, by fluke of circumstance, was in a desk drawer when its owner was shot and killed in the line of duty.

We were treated to a viewing of museum holdings not currently on display, which included white-gold "brass" knuckles in a dragon motif, a number of knives straight out of the movies (but confiscated elsewhere), and an autographed ping pong ball used in a performance of the infamous Ping-Pong Queen, Mitzi Dupree! The novelty of the items — how often do you get to see stuff that would get you arrested — combined with Mathieson's knowledge and storytelling skills had me totally engaged. I'm sure I was smiling like a little kid. There's some pictures later in the post.

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