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Nairn Falls Provincial Park

Nairn FallsFalling water and waterfalls. Context is everything!

Water wasn't falling from the sky last Sunday so some friends and I decided to checkout another kind of falling water at Nairn Falls Provincial Park. The park is 32 km north of Whistler, B.C. and 3 km south of Pemberton, B.C. In addition to its namesake, Nairn Falls, the park consists of campsites, short term parking for hikers, outhouses (pit toilets), water, and a few picnic tables.

According to information sites the park has three commonly used trails as well as access to the Pemberton Valley. We were there to see the falls, a 1.5 km walk from the parking lot.

The walk is an easy one with very little elevation change and no long steep climbs. The trail is dirt with a lot of uneven ground, which may add a degree of difficulty for some people. It follows the Green River, which is quite cold. On a hot day you'll pass through tantalizing wisps of cool air coming off the river. Oh to have a magic spell that could bottle that up! For most of the trail's length there is a steep drop down to the river on one side, something to think about if you have young children, and a mountainside on the other. I found the walk visually appealing. It's almost entirely shrouded in trees, giving it the feel of a forest tunnel.

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