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Going Greyhound at Christmas

Greyhound Bus
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In all this snow my car stubbed its toe, which is to say I slid into a curb going down a side street hill. Sometimes going slow with winter tires isn't enough. Though I wish it hadn't happened I'm never-the-less happy it wasn't worse. I could have slid into another car or, God forbid, a person (though the latter was unlikely on a back street during a snow storm at 11:30pm). Getting this aftermath cleared up turned into a minor saga and resulted in my "going Greyhound" for the annual Vernon Christmas trek.

The Good

  • Can sleep or doze
  • If bad road conditions, someone else is worrying about them
  • Can read, sort of (see The Bad)
  • Bathroom
  • Bigger vehicle, better traction, better accident survivability
  • Great view out of a window seat, nice and high

The Bad

  • Sardine seats, so squished you can't work on a laptop, or barely hold a book in front of you to read
  • Takes longer to get to destination
  • Sardine seats
  • On just the cost of gas, is not cheaper than driving, even with a single person
  • Sardine seats
  • Sometimes crying kids
  • Sardine seats
  • Asshats with loud personal audio gear
  • Sardine seats
  • Have added time, cost and hassle of getting to/from the bus terminal

Have you picked out my biggest complaint? I may not have a big readership, but you're a clever bunch!

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