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Christmas "Notes"

Newest Guitar HeroDoing the extended family thing for Christmas. One house, three generations.

We open our presents on Christmas day. Now that my niece and nephew are grown the early morning wake-up pressure is gone. Being teenagers, they're usually the last ones up. Works for me. I like getting my shower and morning coffee in before the wrapping paper flys.

This year's winning gift, with no serious competition, is Guitar Hero III. What a hell of a lot of fun! Technically it's my nephews, he's the one with the XBox 360. Poor bastard, he's had to share with two out of the three generations in the house. My folks were curious, but didn't have any interest in playing. The teens and forty-somethings are all waiting their turns to rock out. I checked the website and it's available for the Wii. I see one in my future.

I hope your Christmas and/or holiday is equally as fun, however you're celebrating it.

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