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Announcing: After the Credits Podcast

In the better late than never department, an announcement:

Row ThreeThe Mad Film Gab podcast is now After the Credits and hosted at Row Three.

Those of you who followed the podcast already know this, right? Except for the name change and a different location, it's still the same podcast.

I've updated my sidebar box on the right to show the latest podcasts.

Why the change? Marina, the Mad About Movies primary mover and shaker, decided to throw her towel in with the folks at Row Three. Row Three is the coming together of a number of independent movie bloggers like Marina. Like Paul Schaeffer and the band when David Letterman moved, fellow Mad About Movies postcast host Colleen and I moved with Marina.

Although I'm still with the podcast, I'm not an story contributor at Row Three. I was a sporadic contributor at Mad About Movies so this isn't a biggie and it gives me a chance to contribute a little bit more content here.

My Recording Habit

MicrophoneAudio recording and videography are both things I've been interested in for a very long time. In my last year of high school I became involved with the local Cable Vision community channel and loved it. I wish there had been a way of keeping it up, but moving away after graduation kiboshed that. After a number of false starts along the way, this year marks the successful continuous production of actual audio content with the Mad Film Gab podcast! So far I haven't produced any content for Digital Doodles but I'm hoping to change that.

For those of you interested in audio/video production, I'm starting to post entries at my Group 42 site ( For example, at Group 42 I've just posted my early experiences with my new audio recorder: Zoom H2 audio recorder. Group 42 is becoming my "left brain" site for all things technical, while Digital Doodles is loosing its technical content and keeping the creative stuff to become more "right brain" (and to some extent struggling with what it wants to be, which is a typically creative thing to do, don't you think?).

As before, I'll continue to post pointers to content I've produced for other sites or flag stuff on Group 42 that might be of interest here. And for those of you who visit the site directly without benefit of RSS, check out the right side bar for a box showing Group 42 content, just in case something interesting pops up!

Mad Film Gab Number 4

Media Device PictureBack in a January post I said the words "I", "podcast", and "produce" in the same sentence. Episode 1 of the Mad About Movies was a little rough but it was start.

The latest Mad About Movies podcast, number 4 in fact, is out: MAD Film Gab - Episode 4 - The Little Guys! (The Little Guys refers to the smaller May movie releases)

The past three podcasts have been a bit of a struggle with audio quality. Three people crowding around a single microphone really sucks! With podcast number 4 we each have our own microphones and I finally feel like we're touching the bottom of the minimum audio quality bar. Still have one microphone problem to work out. Maybe podcast 5 is the charm!

As far as content goes, I can only hope people are finding it interesting. I'll know we've hit that quality bar when a complete stranger gives us kudos.

But in the end audio quality and audience approval doesn't matter. I'm having too much fun doing this.


UnderdogUnderdog is a cartoon that has a special place in my childhood memories. I was big fan when I was kid, and still remember the theme music and many of the catch phrases ("There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"). When I first heard they were making an Underdog movie I was cautiously optimistic. Sadly, the optimism is gone. Read why in my latest Mad About Movies posting: There’s every reason to fear, Disney’s Underdog is here.

Mad About Movies Podcast

I finally helped produce an original podcast!

I've wanted to produce a podcast ever since discovering them, but have never considered myself "on-air" talent. Val and Marina are! So the three of us got together and c'est voila! It was a lot of fun hanging out with them and talking Oscars. I hope that comes through. The podcast is posted at the Mad About Movies website:

Mad About Movies Podcast
FilmCast Episode 1

My biggest contribution is the equipment, but I am in there making the occasional comment.

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