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Awesome Prize Bag Belated Thank You

Is there an expiry date on saying thank you? I hope not. Back in August, local blogger Kimli of delicious juice dot com ran a contest, and I won!

Personally delivered to my door was the following surprise pack of awesome and silly.

Prize Bag Contents

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Maleficent at the Pub

It's been a while since we've had a dragon sighting. And it's Friday. So meet Maleficent:

Maleficent at the pub

Maleficent was part of a special DVD pre-order promotion for Sleeping Beauty and came my way because of a favour I did for a friend buying said DVD. It may appear like she (Maleficent, not the friend) is attacking that poor little Irish Pub, an Irish Pub carrying Guinness on tap I hasten to add, but what you don't know is some cretin has just ordered a Coors Lite; a mistake he may not be able to make again after Maleficent finishes talking with him. She takes her beer very seriously.

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