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Moon line-up here signLast Wednesday I scored a ticket to an advanced screening of the movie Moon. Many of the greater Vancouver science fiction groups were given passes, so it turned into a wonderful gathering of friends. The evening had a great expectant energy. Well done science fiction movies don't come along often and everyone had high hopes.

Adding to the evening's festivities was Marina's guest, "Pocket Edward." I'm not even going to try to explain it, so check out Marina's post: Pocket Edward at the Movies. You'll also find pictures of the evening.

Moon is a science fiction psycho-thriller. The story contains some cool mysteries and I won't be the one to spoil them for you. Although the story didn't ramp up the tension during the story, making for a bit of a flat ending, I really enjoyed figuring out the mysteries and the over-all story. It isn't a block-buster but it's a fun watch. If you're curious, check out my (no spoilers) review: Moon (the movie) Review.

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Rated: 3.5/5


Moon is the story of Sam Bell, the lone worker on a lunar mining base. Not only is he getting ready to go home after working in isolation for 3 years, he may be going crazy. Moon is a solid sci-fi psycho-thriller and I enjoyed watching the story, with all its mysteries, unfold. Sam Rockwell puts in a great performance. Unfortunately, the dramatic tension never seemed to increase and I found the story a bit flat. Even with its lack of high-tension I enjoyed Moon, and recommend it to sci-fi fans.

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