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Relief From Movie Going Idiots?

Handheld Movie Pager

Seen at Cinema Fusion: Handheld Pagers Limiting Annoying Moviegoers. Cinema Fusion referenced this story: High-Tech Tattle-Tale Device Hits NYC Theaters. I found a press release on Business Wire: Regal Guest Response System Offered in 114 Theatres

From the press release:

Regal Entertainment Group theatres participating in the Guest Response System invite selected patrons to carry a paging device with them into the auditorium. One patron may participate for each of the theatre's auditoriums and for each movie showtime. The Guest Response device is a hand-held pager with four buttons. Each button alerts local management of a different problem such as: sound, picture, piracy or other disturbance. When the patron pushes a button, a message goes to a pager worn by a manager which tells them the nature of the concern, and in which auditorium.

Kudos to Regal Entertainment Group for trying to do something about these idiots who don't realize the theatre is public space, not their living room.

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