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Flagged via IO9, an interview with director Nacho Vigalondo (IMDB page, Wikipedia page) at Timecrimes: Writer-Director Nacho Vigalondo. Horror isn't typically my thing so I don't read, but I just couldn't help finding out if Nacho Vigalondo was a real person or Jack Black making a sequel to Nacho Libre!

So Vigalondo is legit and has an award winning and Academy Award nominated short film named 7:35 de la manana (7:35 in the Morning). It's clear from the interview Vigalondo likes sci-fi, gets jazzed on ideas, goes in offbeat directions, but is still concerned about the details. Throw in the foreign perspective and he could be a director worth watching. And after reading the IMDB Timecrimes comments I'm intrigued, and curious enough to see the movie if it comes around.

Here's his short film, 7:35 in the Morning. Just when you think you're looking at something to top Tom Cruise singing Loving Feeling to Kelly McGillis in Top Gun, things go in a very different direction . . .

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