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North Vancouver Walking Trails

North Vancouver Guide to Great Walks and TrailsSo a number of weeks ago my friend Spacepug and I had just completed a writing session. We regularly meet at a local cafe to spur our writing on. On our way out of the cafe we encountered an overly enthusiastic-friendly-attractive-summer-student-athletic type from the local Recreation Commision handing out pamphlets. I almost turned it down, instinctual reaction, but fortunately I took a closer look before walking away. It turned out to be a guide, and much to my surprise, it looked useful!

The North Vancouver Guide to Great Walks & Trails is a collection of 20 walks in the City and the District of North Vancouver. The walks are set in a mix of urban green space, municipal parks, and GVRD parks, and divided into easy, moderate, and advanced categories. I recognize many of the trails as well known North Shore favourites. Some of urban walks look iffy, but I'll reserve final judgment till I've tried them first hand. Overall it looks like a good selection.

Thus, a summer project is born. By the end of the summer I will walk all of the trails in the guide and blog about them. It's clear from the structure of the guide this was the Rec Commission's plan, and I've fallen for it. So has Spacepug. Sometimes government plans fronted by attractive people are worth falling for.

Tenacious Snow

When I blogged about snowy days back in December (Welcome to December, Snow, JavaScript, and BCIT) I thought this winter would be like any other winter. One, two, maybe three snow events, where an event might last up to a week, and we'd be done with it. Not this winter!

The snow doesn't want to go a way. For a bit, it looked like it had. Then it came back. We've been getting a lot of that low grade skiffy snow that melts when it hits the ground, or stays for a just bit. Today we got the stuff that sits on the ground like jellied water. I can't remember a past winter where the snow has been this tenacious for such an extended period.

A snowy day in Vancouver just isn't news, anymore. Who'd have thunk?! But at least it isn't 20 degrees on Ontario.

Another snowy day

Welcome to December

As we stepped into the night air late yesterday evening my friends and I commented on how it felt like snow. Indeed.

North Shore snow

Apparently the snow furies read my blog post yesterday and thought I was missing out (there's that anthropomorphizing, again).

Judging from the amount of snow on the street versus on the mountains, there wasn't actually a lot of snow fall. It just didn't melt away because the temperature is still quite cool out there (I can't say cold, least I cause uncontrolled laughter in my relatives further inland).

Apparently the predictions are calling for a cooler than normal winter, so we can expect a lot more of the white stuff at street level in the coming months. Or so I'm told.

Welcome to December.

First Snow of Fall 2007

Last Tuesday we had the first snow of Fall/Winter 2007. It was supposed to come Monday, but this is the laid back West Coast so it took its time (Which is way too much anthropomorphizing, but sounds better than the meteorologists' explanations). I pretty much missed it where I live. The snow that did land around here melted fairly quickly. If not for hints of snow on the grass and cars, you'd have never known it happened. And the next day Grouse Mountain looked nice.

Snowy Grouse Mountain

Come Friday the snow is mostly gone from the mountain, much to the dismay of the ski resort there. As you can see from the smuggy bit (ok, zoomed copy as well) their snow machines are working hard against nature on "the Cut" ski run to keep some white stuff around.

Grouse Mountain making snow Grouse Mountain making snow (zoomed)

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