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Best of Miss 604: And the winner is ...

Rebecca Bollwitt presides over Best of 604
Rebecca Bollwitt MC's Best of 604 Awards
Photo by penmachine

The entire After the Credits crew (yes, all three of us!) were out in force at the Best of 604 awards last night.

Congratulations to all the winners! It's clear from the turnout Vancouver has a vibrant and engaged blogging community. The venue was totally jammed. The demographics were interesting, too. Unlike so many areas involving technology, women were well represented. The average age was probably mid to late 20's, but you could spot people higher up the age range. Regardless, if you're looking to add interesting blogs to you reading list, just browse the nominee list for candidates.

I took the opportunity to collect streeters for our upcoming Christmas podcast. People were really gracious allowing their party/social time to be interrupted by an idiot with a microphone asking what their favourite Christmas movie was. My thanks to all my victims, you know who you are (and after the Christmas podcast the world will, as well)!

Who won the podcasting category, you ask? [Insert drum roll] The winner was Lip Gloss and Laptops. After the Credits was a long shot, so no surprise is wasn't us. I don't know Kerry Ann but I've spoken with Airdrie a couple times. She's good people and the win is well deserved. And I can't not mention runner up, Choogle On With Uncle Weed. Dave, a.k.a. Uncle Weed, is a consummate story teller and he does it well.

And a shout-out to Rebecca (Miss 604) for all her hard work and a job well done. Thanks to her, $1800 was raised for the food bank and our little corner of the world had a top-up of cheer and goodwill.

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Thank you to everyone who voted for us. It was a blast being a contender!

And Another Award Nomination

Canadian Blogger AwardsI was totally remise in yesterday's post: Vote for my Podcast!, completely missing another award After the Credits at Row Three is nominated for. On the nation stage, we've also up for "Best Podcaster/Vlogger" at the Canadian Blog Awards. You can vote for us here: Best Podcaster/Vlogger. We're under "Row Three".

Vote for my Podcast!

Those of you who visit the site in-person may have noticed a side-bar block listing episodes from After the Credits, a podcast I do with my movie buddies Marina (Confessions / Row 3) and Colleen (353 Review / Weird BC).

Best of 604After the Credits made it to the final round of the Best of 604!

So if you like the podcast, please head over to the Best of 604 voting page and vote!. Colleen's 353 Review site is also nominated (How can you not like movie reviews in Haiku!). I hang out with some very talented people.

The Best of 604 is the brainchild of Vancouver metro blogger Miss 604 (aka Rebecca Bollwitt). She's arguably Vancouver's best known metro blogger, if not period, then certainly in the Vancouver social media community. The contest is an outgrowth of her promotion of things local:

As often as I can, I try to highlight and promote local business, organizations, bloggers, and online triumphs. In 2007 I started the Best of 604 wherein I listed some of my favourite sites, parks, and places for family fun around the region.

This year, I wanted to leave the nomination and voting to the public (that way no one can wonder what my mystery formula was for calculating winners).

A big thank you to everyone who voted us into the final round and a thanks-in-advance to everyone who just clicked the link and voted.

"After the Credits" Podcast Hits 30 Episodes!

Podcast SymbolMarina, Colleen, and I just published our 30th After the Credits podcast!: After the Credits Episode 30 - A Dark Rant.

I suppose 25 is a more traditional milestone to mention but I missed it, so I'm going with the next multiple of 10!

The first episode of After the Credits was posted on November 30, 2007. We've been averaging over 3 podcasts a month for the last 8 months. It doesn't seem like 30 episodes. Looking back, the biggest surprise was how long it took to get the audio quality up. We still have our off episodes but thankfully they're far more infrequent. I'm still struggling with my stammering, though. I swear to God the ideas ricochet around my head 20 odd times before getting to my mouth, greatly befuddling coherent expression. Fortunately my two most excellent co-hosts are there to bail me out.

When I bought my mixing board and microphones I remember wondering if I'd use them enough to justify the purchase. It's so very cool to look back over the 30 After the Credits podcasts and the 25 Mad About Movie podcasts and answer: Yes. But coolest of all, it's still as fun now as the day I started.

If you're interested in checking out After the Credits a list of recent podcasts can be found in the right sidebar or at Row 3.

Announcing: After the Credits Podcast

In the better late than never department, an announcement:

Row ThreeThe Mad Film Gab podcast is now After the Credits and hosted at Row Three.

Those of you who followed the podcast already know this, right? Except for the name change and a different location, it's still the same podcast.

I've updated my sidebar box on the right to show the latest podcasts.

Why the change? Marina, the Mad About Movies primary mover and shaker, decided to throw her towel in with the folks at Row Three. Row Three is the coming together of a number of independent movie bloggers like Marina. Like Paul Schaeffer and the band when David Letterman moved, fellow Mad About Movies postcast host Colleen and I moved with Marina.

Although I'm still with the podcast, I'm not an story contributor at Row Three. I was a sporadic contributor at Mad About Movies so this isn't a biggie and it gives me a chance to contribute a little bit more content here.

Cry of the Phoenix Book Launch

Cry of the Phoenix Book CoverLast month I attended a book launch party for Cry of the Phoenix by Colleen O'Connor. It was a Shebeen Club event held at the Shebeen Whiskey House (an offshoot of The Irish Heather). I'd been wanting to make a Shebeen Club event for some time but there always seemed to be some conflict or another stopping me. The stars were in proper alignment this month and I could actually make it.

I'm not sure if Cry of the Phoenix is my kind of book but I'm looking forward to reading it. Although the event's chapter reading didn't inspire me, the side discussions from people who had read the book did. It's hard not be curious about a life that could have gone in two very different directions. And it's nice that it's a local story.

The presentation portion of the evening was recorded by yours truly and is available for listening at Cry of the Phoenix podcast on Shebeen Club Radio!.

Mad Film Gab Number 4

Media Device PictureBack in a January post I said the words "I", "podcast", and "produce" in the same sentence. Episode 1 of the Mad About Movies was a little rough but it was start.

The latest Mad About Movies podcast, number 4 in fact, is out: MAD Film Gab - Episode 4 - The Little Guys! (The Little Guys refers to the smaller May movie releases)

The past three podcasts have been a bit of a struggle with audio quality. Three people crowding around a single microphone really sucks! With podcast number 4 we each have our own microphones and I finally feel like we're touching the bottom of the minimum audio quality bar. Still have one microphone problem to work out. Maybe podcast 5 is the charm!

As far as content goes, I can only hope people are finding it interesting. I'll know we've hit that quality bar when a complete stranger gives us kudos.

But in the end audio quality and audience approval doesn't matter. I'm having too much fun doing this.

Because the Future Smells Funny

It's well past time to highlight my favourite podcast: the sniffer

the sniffer banner

I've been fans of Nora Young and Cathi Bond since their Definitely not the Opera (aka DNTO) days on CBC. Young hosted the show and Bond did a segment on videos. Flash forward to the CBC strike when they teamed up to try out podcasting. Happily, they kept it going after the strike.

These women both have a keen sense of irony, an eye, er, a nose, for the interesting issues beneath the story, and aren't worried about calling attention to an emperor with no clothes while many of their media colleagues are admiring the weave. Even though they each have very different personalities they compliment each other beautifully. And it isn't until Bond makes Young laugh that you realize they both have a wicked sense of humour.

The sniffer podcast is five to ten minutes long and comes out two to three times a week. They discuss trends, pop culture, technology and sometimes the stuff that's just plain goofy, and are never afraid to call bullshit if the topic deserves it. I recommend checking it out.

Mad About Movies Podcast

I finally helped produce an original podcast!

I've wanted to produce a podcast ever since discovering them, but have never considered myself "on-air" talent. Val and Marina are! So the three of us got together and c'est voila! It was a lot of fun hanging out with them and talking Oscars. I hope that comes through. The podcast is posted at the Mad About Movies website:

Mad About Movies Podcast
FilmCast Episode 1

My biggest contribution is the equipment, but I am in there making the occasional comment.

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