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Hi Ho, Oh No, Installing I Must Go

Reinstalling and BloggingI'm writing this blog post on my laptop as I reinstall Windows XP on my desktop computer.

Hello Windows XP installer, it's been a long time since we last talked. I haven't really missed you. Installer says: Press "F" if you really, really want to format your hard drive. Sigh. /me presses F.

My old OS instance was sick and had to be put down. I avoided the grim task for as long as I could. Well, too long really. Anytime one has to do this kind of thing at the point of unworkability and not at a time of their own choosing, it's too long.

Damn, I should have picked express format. It must be a cosmic constant. As fast as computers and hard drives get the size of the hard drive gets even bigger to make the amount of waiting constant. Phone rings, my friend asks if it's a good time for a chat. Hell yes.

The machine would not quite randomly freeze up. It wasn't quite dead, it would sort of recover, after a while, mostly, and I could shut it down. At first it seemed to related to having a bunch of applications open. I thought it might be a memory problem, but an overnight memory diagnostic didn't turn up a problem. And it got progressively worse. So I either have some nasty little piece of malware the scanner hasn't picked up or severe registry rot. Or both. So burning it all down and starting fresh was best.

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