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Because the Future Smells Funny

It's well past time to highlight my favourite podcast: the sniffer

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I've been fans of Nora Young and Cathi Bond since their Definitely not the Opera (aka DNTO) days on CBC. Young hosted the show and Bond did a segment on videos. Flash forward to the CBC strike when they teamed up to try out podcasting. Happily, they kept it going after the strike.

These women both have a keen sense of irony, an eye, er, a nose, for the interesting issues beneath the story, and aren't worried about calling attention to an emperor with no clothes while many of their media colleagues are admiring the weave. Even though they each have very different personalities they compliment each other beautifully. And it isn't until Bond makes Young laugh that you realize they both have a wicked sense of humour.

The sniffer podcast is five to ten minutes long and comes out two to three times a week. They discuss trends, pop culture, technology and sometimes the stuff that's just plain goofy, and are never afraid to call bullshit if the topic deserves it. I recommend checking it out.

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