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A-maze-ing Canadian Author Tribute

Just saw this on 50 Books, and blatantly riffed on (riffed-off?) her headline. Doppelganger's post, That's a-maze-ing!, sets better context than the CBC article, Winnipeg park to break ground on Carol Shields tribute, so I'll quote from both!

50 Books:

Shields Labyrinth Concept Picture

That's a-maze-ing!

Anyone who's read Carol Shields's novel Larry's Party will know that the titular character is a specialist in labyrinths, and that labyrinths and mazes provide the thematic backdrop for the novel.


Winnipeg park to break ground on Carol Shields tribute

Organizers of an unconventional tribute to beloved Canadian author Carol Shields are set to break ground in Winnipeg on Monday.

Labyrinths and mazes were special to the late author, her husband Don Shields told CBC Arts Online.

I've never read any Carol Shields, but I think this is very, seriously cool! Kudos to the tribute organizers.

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