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After many years of gaming on my PC I finally broke down and bought a gaming console. PC games have become such a royal pain in the ass with compatibility issues and the game industry's ever increasing thirst for more video and CPU horsepower. Time to move on. I'm now the happy owner of a Wii (pronounced "we").

Why now? The idea of games involving physical motion sounded pretty cool. I wanted to wait and see if the reality held up to the hype. It has. More importantly, a friend bought one and I got to check it out first hand. I enjoyed myself. Bonus, it also plays Game Cube games (though you need Game Cube controllers to do it). There's a couple Game Cube games I enjoy playing so this was icing on the cake.

The only Wii game I own so far is the Sports game that came with it. The tennis game confuses me, baseball is boring - just like in real life, but the bowling game is fun every now and then. Especially now that I've learned how to avoid "Wii shoulder" from "throwing" the ball too hard. I'm currently playing the Lego Star Wars II for Game Cube. It's silly and a lot fun. Perfect for an hour or two of unwinding.

And no, the broken window a while back was not caused by an errant controller slipping from my hand. I have a receipt to prove it happened before I bought the Wii!

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