That you are here reading this text means this site, or its author, or both, have peeked your interest. Whether by unconscious action or deliberate decision, at this moment in time you've chosen further knowledge of Digital Doodles over a myriad of other things you could be doing at this very instant. And you thought all you did was click an "About" link! If you're interested enough to read on, it only seems polite to provide some details.

The Concept

Digital Doodles was conceived sometime around 20001 as a place to play around with expression and technology, the expression details were a work in progress. Though the tech aspect isn't as important, expression and experimentation are still the site's raison d'être. And if you've looked at the content and wondered about theme or focus or lack thereof, it's because the expression details are still a work in progress.

The Technology

Digital Doodles started as a static website. After evolving through server side includes and custom scripting it now uses the Drupal content management system (CMS). I'm not in a position to definitively say Drupal is the best general purpose content management system in the world, but that's certainly my opinion! For a sense of the site's tech change, check out this link: Site Work.

Site hosting is currently purchased from Dreamhost. Performance is a mixed bag of quality if ever there was, but that's shared hosting in general. Their feature set and control panel is the best I've found in my shared host experience. That I'm still with Dreamhost means there's much more good than bad. Not withstanding, when one of my server "neighbours" sucks the life out the server, I'm sad and frustrated.

Drupal    PHP    MySQL    Dreamhost

The Author & Architect

Dale McGladdery has far too many interests and far too little time. These interests include checking out the latest movie, story telling, history, social media, reading, video production, technology, podcasting, breaking bread with friends, and urban hiking. Then there are the fascinations that haven't had a chance to become full fledged interests, like drawing, art history, sociology, psychology, cooking, book binding, military strategy, and martial arts. A co-worker once commented he should come with a label that read: Warning – Subject to bursts of enthusiasm. Dale isn't sure if this is still true, but would like to think so. He's currently working as a web developer specializing in the Drupal content management system (CMS) and has a technical blog at Group42.ca.

[1] Dale originally wrote "Digital Doodles was conceived at the beginning of the new millennium" but giggled like a little girl after reading it. He changed it to this current version.

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