Thar be Dragon ... Boats!

Spent a wonderful day at the Dragon Boat Festival. No races today, but some very cool entertainment.I even took some pictures.

Although there were a few Dragon Boat teams practicing, today was primarily about entertainment. They had some great groups. I only had a chance to catch four of them, they were all excellent. For more information on the Dragon Boat Festival, check out their website:

Uzume Taiko

Primarily a Taiko drumming group but as you can see, a set of bag pipes shows up so: taiko fusion? What ever you call it, it sounds great!

Axe Capoeira

A Brazilian band who, to our fortune, are now resident in Canada. Not only do we get a wonder Afro-Brazilian drum beat but dancing, pipes, those wonderful vocal harmonies and a form of martial art that involves dance movements.

Celso Machado

Another Brazilian performer, Celso Machado plays a variety of exotic stringed instruments. Not only nice to listen too, but his humour is as subtle as some of the pieces he plays. Wish I knew more about music so I can actually tell the kind he played.

Silk Road

Playing authentic Chinese music they also indulge in fusion Not only were we treated to Chinese folk and opera pieces, in both English and, I think, Cantonese, but also had a Celtic/Chinese fusion piece. Sorry the picture isn't "tighter", but they took up the whole stage.

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