Lanterns? We have lanterns!

Photo by Matthew Trentacoste

There's something magical about a lantern procession on a summer night. It's hard to describe, but there's a power to people enjoying themselves while holding smalls lights in a space and at a time that's normally dark and empty. There's a goodwill you can reach out and touch. The stilt walkers and fire jugglers might has something to do with that ... and there's lots of stuff going on in the daylight before hand, too!

Check out the pictures on Flickr:

The grand daddy of lantern processions in Vancouver is the Illuminares Lantern Procession at Trout Lake Park run by the Public Dreams Society. Other communities are joining in. North Vancouver has the WildLights Lantern Festival.

Lantern procession session is officially on. Illuninares is July 29 with numerous lantern making workshops beforehand. Other processions are being held later in the year in Vancouver, in North Vancouver on August 18 and Burnaby on September 16. Information at:

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