This Book Launch has ten years of tuesdays

Meeting every Tuesday for the last 10 years the Rogue Writers admit to consuming gallons of coffee and tea, unknown quantities of wine, and "several cigarettes". Known individually as Colleen Heinrich, Raquel Garcia, Gerhard Winkler and Moira Thompson, they managed a bit of writing, too. Friday January 28th at 32 Books friends and well wishers celebrated the launch of the Rogue's first book: ten years of tuesdays, a collection of short stories and poems.

Gerhard Winkler introduced the evening with Rogue trivia, including the significance of the word aquamarine in each of their biographies. The biographies started as a writing exercise where ten specific words had to be used, one of them aquamarine. Though their biographies shared common words, their readings revealed distinct voices.

Colleen Heinrich read her poem "Editorial License" and short story "Texas". "Texas" is a thoughtful and bittersweet story about relationships, perception and childhood memories. "Editorial License" is a sarcastically fun poem about selective memory when a relationship is over:

Like Russia, you edit the past.

Raquel Garcia read her story "Amalita". Her soft voice and Spanish accent took us to Buenos Aires for a recounting of her explorations of the city and its history with the indomitable Amalita:

"I love your hat, looks exactly like mine!" We both knew the local store only carry one kind.

Gerhardt Winkler read "Finale", his life and death account of being sixteen, German and captured by Russians at the end of World War II. Although the ultimate outcome was obvious by Gerhardt's presence we were never sure what would happen next:

A bullet zoomed by my face, a boot kicked me in the side, and my straw cover vanished.

Moira Thompson, who also illustrated the book, read the beginning of her story "The Tropical Dinner Party and Everyone's Invited". The longest in the book, "Tropical Dinner Party" is a boy meets girl fairy tale with talking animals, desert islands and a side trip to Singapore. Like all good fairy tales, the story resonates with real life:

But he did have in his possession a complete witchdoctor-special occasion-real important-outfit outfit that he could wear, when the time came for such an affair.

Readings concluded, the Rogues invited everyone to join them for wine, cheese and book autographing.

ten years of tuesdays is more than 10 years of Tuesdays. It's four unique voices sharing their worlds, real and imagined.

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