Vintage Warplanes in Seattle

A friend just sent me this link: Vintage Warplanes Going Airborne Again. Millionaire Paul Allen is collecting old warplanes and restoring them to flight worthiness. Better yet, they're on display!

From the article:

The Microsoft Corp. co-founder opened his collection to public view two years ago, and has since given many summertime visitors a chance to see the old planes take to the skies during "fly days," when the aircraft get exercise needed to keep their engines in good shape.

The list of planes include a Republic P-47D Thunderbolt, Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3, Hawker Hurricane Mk. XIIB, 1918 Curtiss Wright JN-4D Jenny and Curtiss Wright P40-C Tomahawk (think "Flying Tigers"). Beautiful planes, all. As a kid I built a model of a "Flying Tiger", and I've spent many a hour "flying" some of these planes in computer games. Seeing the real deal would be a treat.

Sad that this has been open for two years and this is the first I've heard of it. It's definitely on the list now!

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