"Sunshine" Coast

Ferry Passage WayThe recent deluge of rain and Friday's resulting boil water restriction left me with no place to get my morning coffee, so I hopped the Langdale ferry to the Sunshine Coast! Well . . . ok. The planned visit to see friends might have had something to do with the trip, too. It was sweet bonus marks that the coffee shop patronized for my delayed caffeine hit made a wicked Americano. In addition to triggering the introduction to a great coffee shop the boil water advisory resulted in another fortunate event, but more on that later.

For those who aren't from around here, the "Sunshine" coast is an act of contrarian naming whimsy. Firmly located in the coastal rain forest and only a 40 minute ferry ride away, rain is as much a part of the local colour as it is in Vancouver. No exception was made for my visit. Or as a fellow ferry passenger put it, "it's nicer in August" (Or as Bender might put it, "Sunshine? - Bite my rusty metal ass!"). What nature lacked in pleasant weather was made up by the good company, the novelty of my first visit, and the wicked Americano.

The general rainy-ness of the day meant lots of inside visiting and only a little site seeing. My friend and her husband recently fled Vancouver to this coastal point north, gave me a quick and dirty driving tour of Gibsons, with the (in)famous Molly's Reach, Sechelt, and communities inbetween. We managed a quick stop and look around at Roberts Creek.

Mouth of Davis Creek
The mouth of Davis Creek

The towns are like small towns most anywhere in BC except the forest is more lush thanks to all the "sunshine". There's development happening all over the place and it's clear these places will look very different in 10 years. I suspect this will be a shame, but I wasn't there long enough to take the pulse of the place.

There was also a wrestling match with a computer. Dale 2, Computer 0, but the computer almost had the last laugh. We lost track of time and were late for the ferry. But the ferry was running late, too - because the boil water problem caused a delay at Horse Shoe Bay - and I made it on anyway!

It was a good day.

Departing Langdale
Departing Langdale on the ferry

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