Bicycle Bee

People are doing cool stuff all over the place. Someone I recently met who's definitely in this category is Ifny. We crossed paths at the Vancouver Drupaliers January meeting. Ifny is involved with a number of community organizations using technology for "real world" community building and good works. One of these is the bicycle bee. It's a come together, get to know some people, eat, and fix/build a bike group.

From their website: - Why Bike Bee?

Bicycle Bee LogoBicycle Bee isn't about work. We will not enslave you to some dull-as-dishwater project. The idea is similar to the quilting bee -- a way to foster communication, take bike repair and building out of the sometimes offputting workshop, and into the hands of anyone who has, or wants a bike. Works in the same way as a quilting bee. A group of people get together and toss various tips and advice back and forth, in an accessible language we all use. Instead of a quilt, the project is a bike, but the process is the same.

They do a variety of events from potlucks to all day workshops, which include classes on bike security, safety, urban riding skills, custom bike building (can you say chopper?), and bike art. Although they get donations of space and materials from local businesses and organizations they're a total volunteer group. No grants. No paid overhead.

Ifny said she gets a real kick when she sees a "bike bee" bicycle around town. Well deserved.

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