My Northern Voice Story

I convinced my friend Marina she should come to Northern Voice, and she did. Walking from the UBC bus loop to the conference location she struck up a conversation with Laurie, who was attending the conference from out-of-town. Because of Marina meeting Laurie we all went to lunch together where Laurie mentioned she was from Whitehorse. I asked if she knew a friend of mine in Whitehorse. Laurie smiled a smile. My friend was also her friend and colleague, and had told her about the travel bursary that had gotten her to Northern Voice. I was the one who had forwarded our mutual friend the bursary information.

We're all connected!

Northern Voice Connections
Laurie, Dale and Marina at Northern Voice

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Marina wrote 14 years 34 weeks ago

Cool! I feel like a

Cool! I feel like a superstar!

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