DIY Monster Attack!

Every Friday a group named BIFF gets together at a North Vancouver restaurant to enjoy each other's company and some aspect of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, or anime, or to simply talk. You'll find me there most Friday nights. This week the monster god father, Stan Hyde, talked about modeling, monsters and the Monster Attack Team - Canada.

Stan is a big monster movie fan (and a Godzilla expert). This interest in the movies extends to building models, and they're amazing in their detail. Stan gave us an overview of modeling and the Monster Attack Team. In addition to his modeling skills, he's a great story teller. A great evening all round.

Here's some photo's. If you find them interesting, Stan has a lot more here:


Stan Hyde presenting at BIFF

Thar Be Monsters!

Monster Table 1
Large Version

Monster Table 2
Large Version

Monster Table 2
Large Version

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Marina wrote 14 years 28 weeks ago

Great pics!

I actually think yours look better than mine. Of all the pictures I took, only a few are really usable. I'm blaming it on the new camera (though an argument could be made for user error).

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