Hockey Tournament Visitors

Thank God for visitors, it's the only time I get motivated beyond the basic cleaning regime! That's not the only reason. I pretty much only get visitors I like.

My nephew, pictured right, and brother-in-law are down for a hockey tournament in Mission. They came down a day early and spent the night at my place, did some business Friday, then headed for the tournament Friday night. After this blog entry, I'm surprised my sister isn't here as well, though based on last paragraph here, one wonders what the "boys" will be going home to.

Eric brought his X-Box and we got to spend some quality gaming time playing a head-to-head racing game. Goes without saying he mostly whipped my ass, but I managed to beat him in a few races with my trusty Aston Martin Vanquish. Now everyone is gone and I'm left with much tidier apartment ... Eric remembered to take his X-Box ... again. I keep hoping he'll forget it, but so far no joy.

I popped out to Mission today and watched the Vernon (Eric's team) vs. Ridge Meadows game. Vernon cleaned up with a 7-to-1 win. They were down two men when the single goal was scored against them. That makes them one and one so far. I played around with the video feature of my camera and actually caught one of the goals. Watch the white player just to the left of the net, I think player is number 10. Eric also appears in the clip. He's number 5 and shows up in the lower right corner.

A Vernon Goal

VernonGoal.mpg (1.3M)

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