Vernon Takes Gold!

Eric with gold medalMore minor hockey news from Mission: the Vernon Coyotes took gold!

There was a game at 7:45am this morning I took a pass on. I love my nephew, but there are limits. They won the game, which put them in the final playoff for gold against Burnaby. Said final game was at a much more civilized 3:30pm. The game was all the more anticipated because they had lost to Burnaby in their first game of the series.

It was a great game. Scoring was very close for the first half of the game. There was a definite tension in the crowd as Burnaby drew first blood and Vernon started attracting penalties. Then in the latter half of the game Burnaby's goalie got rattled and let a couple in. He was subsequently replaced, but not only couldn't Burnaby recover, Vernon scored a couple more goals. The final score was 7-to-2.

The Vernon fans were amazing. Despite Burnaby being only an hour away, there were very few Burnaby fans there. By contrast, the Vernon bleachers were filled with an extremely lively bunch. And they made one hell of a lot of noise. I've been to a few Canucks games and I have to say the crowds at these amateur games are a lot more fun (even without my brother-in-law's so on-the-mark social commentary, that's just icing on the cake).

I meant to ask Eric if playing as a pickup member of the team made the victory any the less sweet but forgot. Judging by the smile, it felt pretty good none-the-less.

And if you're not tired of the photos yet, a few more for your consideration.

Vernon Crowd at MissionThe Vernon Crowd at Mission

The Vernon fans were very well represented at Mission.

They punch well above their weight when it comes to cheering!

Vernon Crowd at MissionAfter the Team Photo

Team photo's done, time to have some fun!

Note the 3 "fans" that joined the team for a post official photo, photo.

Eric Receiving His Medal

This video is for my sister, since she couldn't be there in person.

Did I mention the Vernon fans know how to cheer?


Marina wrote 14 years 27 weeks ago


I'm sorry I missed yesterday but I'm happy to hear you managed to get out to the game!

Maureen wrote 14 years 27 weeks ago

Vernon Takes Gold

Thanks for posting those pics. The video is sweet. They are great and your write up is fantastic. Eric very much appreciated the effort you made in getting out to his games.

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