Virus Road Kill

Did anyone get the license number of the 18 wheeler that virus was driving when it hit me?

They talk about 20 year storms, I'm crawling out of the aftermath of a 20 year virus. The first couple of weeks were pretty standard. A snot monster took up residence in my head and invited his buddy, hacking cough. Manageable, though annoying. This last week I've been really, really tired and had a headache behind my eyes that refused to go away. I've slept a lot, and haven't been able to do much when I've been awake.

Today is the first day I've felt almost human. What a treat, I've been up for a whole 2 hours, can think because there's almost no headache, and don't need a nap. Here's hoping this is a trend.

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Marina wrote 14 years 28 weeks ago

I was wondering why I hadn't

I was wondering why I hadn't seen much of you around online.

Good to hear you're feeling better! I still have the hacking cough but other than that, seem to be up and running normally again.

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