I'm an A.S.S Man . . .

It seems that yours truly has been branded an "A.S.S. man". Though I've been both a student and admirer of the female form since adolescence this reference isn't to junk in the trunk. It seems the folks over at BuzzFeed are attributing to me a trait that Michelangelo may have had!:

A.S.S. (Attention Surplus Syndrome)

A.S.S.A disorder that allows people to reach goals and complete tasks. Also known as the opposite of A.D.D. Michelangelo probably had A.S.S. It seems like everyone has A.D.D. these days. When was the last time you actually finished something (without the help of Adderall or meth)? Here are some examples of people with A.S.S. Good job, guys!

I'm number ten on the list for my Buffy marathon. Finally, a positive spin on my borderline obsessive/compulsive lack of self-discipline!


themarina wrote 14 years 35 weeks ago

That's hysterical! I love

That's hysterical!

I love that. ASSMAN.

spacepug wrote 14 years 35 weeks ago

Kudos Dude!

Way to get noticed! Does that make me an accessory, since I provided the DVDs? You just know we're going to bug you about this, right?

dale wrote 14 years 35 weeks ago

That's right!

In this case wouldn't it more like an ass-ccesory :-)

Either way, yes! Guilty as suspected!

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