Mad Film Gab Number 4

Media Device PictureBack in a January post I said the words "I", "podcast", and "produce" in the same sentence. Episode 1 of the Mad About Movies was a little rough but it was start.

The latest Mad About Movies podcast, number 4 in fact, is out: MAD Film Gab - Episode 4 - The Little Guys! (The Little Guys refers to the smaller May movie releases)

The past three podcasts have been a bit of a struggle with audio quality. Three people crowding around a single microphone really sucks! With podcast number 4 we each have our own microphones and I finally feel like we're touching the bottom of the minimum audio quality bar. Still have one microphone problem to work out. Maybe podcast 5 is the charm!

As far as content goes, I can only hope people are finding it interesting. I'll know we've hit that quality bar when a complete stranger gives us kudos.

But in the end audio quality and audience approval doesn't matter. I'm having too much fun doing this.


Colleen OP wrote 14 years 31 weeks ago

I just finished listening to

I just finished listening to your latest podcast. I enjoyed it, but your right, the one mic needs work. Its like your in the other room calling out comments.

dale wrote 14 years 31 weeks ago

Next one is better

The microphone problem is resolved in the next show. Yeah!

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