Could the Trojan horse trick work again?

Doesn't prove a damn thing but it's a lot of fun.

It's from an Australian show called The Chaser. They have a bunch of other videos on YouTube you might enjoy, like Airport Security - The Chaser. Can you imagine something like that at an American airport?

It's a shame we couldn't import it to Canada. I can think of five different programs on each network I'd gladly trade.

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Glavar wrote 14 years 18 weeks ago

Trojan Horse

That is just too darn funny. I think that we would be able to get something like that in Canada...think of "This Hour has 22 Minutes". No way in heck could this ever work in the U.S. though. They would take it into a field and blow it up. Perhaps they have learned something from history that other nations haven't.

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