I think a site like this one is a cool idea. It's a common place for authors to post and find author tours.

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Unfortunately, it has one flaw (for me, at least). Though I'd love to know when authors are hitting Vancouver I tired of creating freaking accounts. I caved for Meetup and I caved for Facebook, but knowing when an occasional author of interest is hitting town for an event I may or may not be able to attend isn't worth the pain-in-the-ass factor of hitting a website with an account I need to remember.

To the folks at If you want my eyeballs, copy this implementation: After you execute the search you get an RSS feed you can subscribe to. Brilliant. I'll understand if there's a discrete ad, but it better be discrete. And I'll understand if there isn't full info, though you'd better at least tell me the basics so I'll know if it's worth clicking to follow-up.

Super bonus marks for an iCal feed.


Marina wrote 14 years 17 weeks ago


I'm going to have pass this along to the bookcrossing crew. They'll love it.

dale wrote 14 years 17 weeks ago

It really is. I hope they

It really is. I hope they don't keep the info locked behind a login.

Anonymous wrote 14 years 16 weeks ago

Do you know about Eventful?

You can create searches for your favorite authors and subscribe to them as RSS feeds or iCal feeds, all for free, all without an account, on

raincoaster wrote 14 years 16 weeks ago

why do you have a subject line when comments don't display it?

This sounds interesting. What about OpenID? Sounds like a perfect place for it. I'd put it up on the Shebeen Club blog, but it likes to lock me out every month or so.

raincoaster wrote 14 years 16 weeks ago

well THAT is counterintuitive

I thought those large apparent LINKS were the links to the commenters' blogs.

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