Oh My God, He's 19!


Ladies and gentleman keep your daughters indoors, my nephew is 19!

Yes, he's the handsome devil pictured to right in his graduation duds. Of the things I heard he did today, his folks helped him celebrate that time honoured ritual of the first drink without having to sneak into a pub (Not that he's ever admitted to me that he's snuck into a pub, but he's in university now so I take it as a given). And he got free chicken wings to boot!

Happy Birthday Eric!


Marina wrote 13 years 41 weeks ago

Handsome devil!

Well, I don't know Eric but if he's of the same clan, he's good blood.

Have a great Birthday Eric!

raincoaster wrote 13 years 40 weeks ago

your nephlet

Yes, didn't I say, back when he was like six or something, that he'd be a heartbreaker? Just look at that mug!

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