Say Goodbye to Niggardly

While the movie gang was enjoying a pizza slice after Days of Darkness the word niggardly came up in conversation. Used in the movie, some people thought it might be a variation of the "N" word (which is what the movie played on). It's not! Niggard is actually a Scandinavian word meaning a stingy or miserly person and the root of niggling.

Now that you know about them, use them at your own risk. For better or for worse, niggard and niggardly are likely doomed words. Niggardly's use has already caused problems for a number of people: Controversies about the word "niggardly". Given neither word is commonly used, I suspect few will care one way or another. But now you have factoid for your next trivia contest . . . or blog post.


Marina wrote 13 years 41 weeks ago

That's me

I was one of the folks who thought it derived from the "N" word. Go figure.

dale wrote 13 years 41 weeks ago

You weren't alone

As I recall, you weren't alone. I'd seen niggardly used here and there and though I wasn't sure of it's meaning, I knew by context that although it wasn't a compliment it also wasn't a slur. Fortunately for me, it was mentioned about 3 weeks ago in a podcast I listen to, well timed so I could get the Days of Darkness reference!

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