Summoner Geeks

This video has been around for a long time, now, and it still comes up in conversation at least once a year! Just the other day someday dropped a quote ("I cast a spell") in IM, prompting a barrage of other quotes involving Mountain Dew, Cheetos and attacking the darkness. I had to re-watch the video for old times sake. Rather than locate it on my hard drive I checked to see if it had been loaded to YouTube (What does that say?). To my delight, it had.

For anyone that's played D&D, this usually brings back some great memories. If you're interested in its history, check out this Wikipedia entry: Dead Alewives - Dungeons and Dragons Sketch. Behold the greatness of the Summoner Geek video.


Laurie wrote 13 years 41 weeks ago


Paul and Elery made me watch this as a "test" when Paul and I first started dating to see if I could appreciate Paul's geekiness.

...I passed.

dale wrote 13 years 41 weeks ago

Too funny!

Laurie, that's too funny! So when you and Paul see the video now, is it sort of like they're playing your song?

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