Tenacious Snow

When I blogged about snowy days back in December (Welcome to December, Snow, JavaScript, and BCIT) I thought this winter would be like any other winter. One, two, maybe three snow events, where an event might last up to a week, and we'd be done with it. Not this winter!

The snow doesn't want to go a way. For a bit, it looked like it had. Then it came back. We've been getting a lot of that low grade skiffy snow that melts when it hits the ground, or stays for a just bit. Today we got the stuff that sits on the ground like jellied water. I can't remember a past winter where the snow has been this tenacious for such an extended period.

A snowy day in Vancouver just isn't news, anymore. Who'd have thunk?! But at least it isn't 20 degrees on Ontario.

Another snowy day


Marina wrote 13 years 43 weeks ago


It started snowing downtown at 3:30 or so. Looked like it was sticking enough to make the roads difficult to navigate. Then I heard that our site in NW had 2". We had 4" of snow at our place last night. There must have been something wrong with one of the major roads because 16th was backed up to 6th (D guesses it was a problem at Cariboo). We ended up taking the side streets to get home.

I cleaned the sidewalks last night only to find them covered of heavy, ice-like snow this morning. YUK.

Maureen wrote 13 years 43 weeks ago


We had about 6 inches this morning and -1. The cars were plowing their own paths when I went to work. Just really wet out there now. Hopefully it doesn't freeze tonight.

dale wrote 13 years 42 weeks ago

I saw the snow you got on

I saw the snow you got on the news. Nasty in a completely different way from down here.

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