Easter 2008

As with many people, my parents and sibs are spread across the province and Easter is an excuse to connect. We typically rendezvous at my sister's place in Vernon (well technically it's Coldstream, but even the locals don't make much distinction) and this year was status quo. Unfortunately my brother and his wife had some issues they needed to deal with and couldn't make it.

As luck would have it I hit Kelowna in time to see niece's dance team perform. Her studio was in a competition and took first place. This was apparently a bitter sweet moment for the team. It's their last competition of their final year. As with many activities, after they graduate high school there's no way to continue in quite the same way. I must say I was a little lost. Their skill was apparent but the dance moves didn't mean much to me. And I was relieved when at least one of the dance teams didn't use a song featuring a female soprano belting out something heartfelt. Is that a teen-girl thing or dance thing?

Vernon happens to sport a couple of good used book stores, The Book Nook and BJ's Used Books. My Dad and I did our usual expedition to see what we could find. It's a good thing we share, because sometimes we're after the same books!

The Book Nook BJ's Used Books

This year's turkey dinner was awesome, as usual. My sister and mom have always done an excellent job. I think one year they forgot the brussel sprouts, which I took as a improvement but was considered a serious omission by others. My niece works at a place that makes seriously good cinnamon buns . . . guess what we had for dessert! There was also pumpkin pie, but I don't think anyone made it that far.

Perhaps the most amazing happening of the weekend was the family dog's behaviour. Nikita (picture from less happy time) takes a while to warm up to people, especially men. In spite of my many visits she usually won't come near me for at least a day, if not two. This visit not only didn't she bark at me when I walked in the door, she came asking for attention as soon as I had my coat off. Must have been all the walks I took her for last Christmas.

A nice low-key weekend.


Anonymous wrote 13 years 43 weeks ago

Okay -- so you're just

Okay -- so you're just messing with our heads, right? 'Cause you really meant 'Easter' when you typed 'Thanksgiving', right?

My son used to do this with Valentine's Day and Hallowe'en. He could NOT keep them straight. Of course, at the time, he was 4 years old....



dale wrote 13 years 43 weeks ago

Guilty as charged!

Aw man, I do that all time. If there's turkey involved it must be Thanksgiving! D'oh.

Marina Antunes wrote 13 years 43 weeks ago

Good catch!

I didn't even pick that up!

Maureen wrote 13 years 43 weeks ago

I'm Blind

Okay, where does it say "Thanksgiving"? I've read it over twice and still don't see it. As for the pumpkin pie . . . it's in the freezer for next time. Maybe Thanksgiving.

dale wrote 13 years 43 weeks ago

The Big Edit

I fixed the Thanksgiving/Easter fiasco with a quick edit. It's very existence lives only in the comments, now.

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