Does A Waffle Iron Equal Waffly Goodness?

After posting pictures of my waffle iron plugged in there comes the inevitable question of: How good are the waffles?!

I regret to say the tool exceeds the chef's ability to use it. In fairness, I've only tried maybe 10 times since I inherited it, and 2 of those times were last week. And although my waffles aren't great, they're better than some restaurant waffles I had!

Here are some pictures from my most recent venture. Still working on that batter distribution thing.

Laying down the batter Waffles ready for eating

My waffles definitely are not of the light and crispy variety, which is how I like them. I suspect I'm either using too much batter or don't have enough air in the batter (is that over mixing, or under mixing?). Or maybe I'm just not cooking them long enough. I thing I have found: a homemade batter recipe (compliments of Greg) better than the store bought mix I was using.

One very cool thing I discovered on the last go around is the waffles are awesome reheated in the toaster! They're actually almost better than fresh, they're crisper! Even frozen, they reheat great. Here I thought there was something special about those pre-frozen toaster waffles. Nope!

Waffle Cooking Results Toaster Waffles

I see more research and experimentation in my future. Waffle Quest: Search for Crispiness.

And no, I'm not quitting my day job to become a food photographer!


Marina wrote 13 years 24 weeks ago

So I think you should make a

So I think you should make a whole bat of these and bring some over the next time we podcast. We can throw them into the mouth is salivating at the thought of it!

dale wrote 13 years 24 weeks ago

This can be arranged

This can be arranged.

Have waffles, will travel!

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