Remembering Ruthie

Tonight I'm going to a celebration of someone's life. A wake, really. One of the organizers is making a book of memories and asked for contributions. It seemed appropriate to post it here.

I didn't know Ruthie very well. I wish I'd known her better. I wanted to, but somehow we never made that move from casual talk to simpatico conversation.

I loved listening to her gentle Scottish brogue and turn of phrase. I was often lost in the musicality of her voice until I realized she'd just let loose a zinger! Ruthie had the spark. The shock of red hair was your first clue. Her quiet demeanor masked quite a sense of humour and no small amount of clever. When I first met her I took her for twenty something, after talking with her I thought the wisdom bespoke someone older. I'm still not entirely sure how old she was, only that she died far too soon.

Ruthie was on a extended visit to Vancouver and taking in all of the sites she could with her travel buddy Jo. She and I met when her and Jo started coming to the Friday sci-fi/fantasy meetups. They were big, I mean gigantically huge, Stargate fans.

One of my favourite places to take visitors is the train tunnels at Hope, and Ruthie was interested. I was working night shift at the time, so one morning after finishing work at 6am, Ruthie, Jo, someone's UK cousin, and yours truly made the drive to Hope. The early morning didn't phase her at all.

I don't have any great pictures of Ruthie, but I have these. For some reason we started talking about "The Monkees", and I got these photographs of the inevitable outcome:

Monkees Walk Monkees Walk

And the trip produced a bonus. Ruthie and Jo has been location spotting Stargate episodes. There was a particular river they were looking for, and they unexpectedly found it that day.

Good bye, Ruthie. You are remembered fondly.


kc wrote 13 years 24 weeks ago

Oh, Dale -- I just read

Oh, Dale -- I just read this. I'm so sorry to hear about Ruthie. I hope you have a wonderful evening filled with warm memories.


dale wrote 13 years 24 weeks ago

The evening went very well.

The evening went very well.

dale wrote 13 years 23 weeks ago
Maureen wrote 13 years 23 weeks ago


I'm sorry Dale, for another loss in your life. I'm glad you have others around you for comfort. Love you!!

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