"After the Credits" Podcast Hits 30 Episodes!

Podcast SymbolMarina, Colleen, and I just published our 30th After the Credits podcast!: After the Credits Episode 30 - A Dark Rant.

I suppose 25 is a more traditional milestone to mention but I missed it, so I'm going with the next multiple of 10!

The first episode of After the Credits was posted on November 30, 2007. We've been averaging over 3 podcasts a month for the last 8 months. It doesn't seem like 30 episodes. Looking back, the biggest surprise was how long it took to get the audio quality up. We still have our off episodes but thankfully they're far more infrequent. I'm still struggling with my stammering, though. I swear to God the ideas ricochet around my head 20 odd times before getting to my mouth, greatly befuddling coherent expression. Fortunately my two most excellent co-hosts are there to bail me out.

When I bought my mixing board and microphones I remember wondering if I'd use them enough to justify the purchase. It's so very cool to look back over the 30 After the Credits podcasts and the 25 Mad About Movie podcasts and answer: Yes. But coolest of all, it's still as fun now as the day I started.

If you're interested in checking out After the Credits a list of recent podcasts can be found in the right sidebar or at Row 3.


Marina wrote 13 years 19 weeks ago

Wow. That's a lot of talking

Wow. That's a lot of talking eh? You're absolutely right though, it's as much fun now as it was when we started the entire thing.

And we don't bale you out, you hold up on your own just fine! :) We just talk too much!

dale wrote 13 years 19 weeks ago

Yah, who'd have thunk it

Lots of talking and lots of good memories. The "on location" Juno podcast was the most fun.

kurt wrote 13 years 19 weeks ago

Exceeded MAM!?

wow, you guys have exceeded your Mad About Movies output already? I still think of Row Three as a 'new' website. Perhaps time to get over that. It's been a fast 8 months.

dale wrote 13 years 19 weeks ago

Internet Time?

I still think of Row Three as new, too. But we're dealing with Internet time, here :-)

And Row Three three certainly has the comment activity of a much older site. I can't keep up, anymore.

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