Hulking Disappointment

When I looked off my balcony this morning I got excited, there was some sort of Edward Norton/Incredible Hulk promotion going on in sleepy North Van!

Truck with Hulk 1

Upon closer inspection the Symantec connection became obvious. Bummer.

Truck with Hulk 2

One wonders if this kind of marketing actually pays off.


Michael Hamanaka wrote 13 years 19 weeks ago

norton mobile

this type of marketing doesn't work, who uses norton anyways... just switch to mac, and stop giving in on the scam-ware.

dale wrote 13 years 18 weeks ago

For my PC I used the AVG

For my PC I used the AVG Free:

I love my Mac, but there's no such thing as a safe computing platform. IMHO, the Mac has stronger fundamentals and is safer, but there's plenty of examples of Mac malware in the wild. A Mac by no means has a get out of jail free card.

Michael Hamanaka wrote 13 years 10 weeks ago

I take that back.

Norton is an excellent product, I also highly recommend running zone alarm, if you must have a buggy machine than at least have good security. Kubuntu and Mac are my preference.

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