Farewell Inn Cogneato

It's the end of an era in North Vancouver's Upper Lonsdale area, and a very sad day for me personally. Inn Cogneato, one of my all-time favourite restaurants on the North Shore, has closed.

Inn Cogneato

Inn Cogneato Goodbye NoteI was a customer from the time it first opened and spent many a lazy Saturday or Sunday brunch enjoying good food and reading the current Wired Magazine. The menu was a kind of Iranian/North American fusion. Standard North American stuff with slight ingredient changes. They had the best bread! I think it was an Iranian flat bread (I've always called it "skate board" bread, if you've ever seen it you'll know why) made to rise.

As time went on the restaurant expanded, taking over the space next door. Wired Magazine was bought by Conde Nast and lost its soul so I moved on to other reading. I'm not sure if David was married before he opened Inn Cogneato but he certainly started his family while running it. When his son and daughter were born a prouder father you haven't seen. And along the way his wife, Salima, became involved with the "front of the house". You'd often see the kids playing in the back. In other words, it was a true neighbourhood restaurant where the owners and customers knew each other.

If Inn Cogneato had a problem, it was the portion sizes were large! Although I loved the place, I simply couldn't eat there as often as I liked if I wanted to fit into my pants! As it happened, I didn't make it in during their last few weeks and was caught completely by surprise that first week in August when I did head over for a BLT and discovered the note on the door saying farewell.

Best wishes David and Salima on your life post-Inn Cogneato. And thank you for all the wonderful food you served. You'll be missed.


Marina wrote 13 years 23 weeks ago

A sad day indeed!

Sadder still because I never managed to get there, even after all the good talking. Should have taken you up on one of your dinner offers! :(

Spacepug wrote 13 years 22 weeks ago

We discovered the closure

We discovered the closure last night when we went stopped in, hoping to treat my Dad to dinner at one of our favourite places.

Just thinking of their delicious bread makes my mouth water...Inn Cogneato will be missed.

dale wrote 13 years 22 weeks ago

+1 on the bread

Can't say enough good things about the bread! I've bought the 'skateboard' bread from some of the other shops on Lonsdale, but it wasn't as good. :-(

Maureen wrote 13 years 22 weeks ago

It was a great place. Too

It was a great place. Too bad of the closure.

Terry wrote 13 years 18 weeks ago

Too bad!! David never forgot

Too bad!! David never forgot your face, even if you hadn't been in for a while. They both always welcomed you with giant smiles.

Anonymous wrote 13 years 10 weeks ago


They are reopening at the corner of Marine Dr. and Capilano Rd. Just saw the sign today.

Anonymous wrote 13 years 1 day ago

Now open

Although Inncogneato sold their location on Lonsdale, they have just opened their new location at 1633 Capilano Road. The same owners, David and Salima are there along with the original staff. The menu still has all the favorites and the restaurant is cozy as ever! I'm so glad they are back.

Kelly wrote 12 years 32 weeks ago

they're not gone!! They're on Capilano Road!!

They are at a new location on Capilano Road and Marine Drive in NV? or WV? it's right on the border! Same great food!

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