CFC Best Shorts of 2008

CFC Best Shorts of 2008 tourJust got back from watching the Canadian Film Center (CFC) World Wide Short Film Festival Best Shorts of 2008 tour with Marina (Confessions/Row 3) and Colleen (353 Review). These were notable short films, typically award winners, from the CFC Short Film Festival in Toronto this summer.

Tonight I was in the mood for entertainment. Unfortunately, some of the winners on technical merits weren't especially entertaining. Fortunately, this was made up by the winners that were entertaining or otherwise a good watch.


  • Manon On the Asphalt (Manon sur le bitume):
    A light touch on a serious topic: Never take life for granted.
  • I Love Sarah Jane:
    Boyhood crush in the midst of zombie outbreak. It went in a direction I didn't expect and was great fun to watch.
  • A Dose of the Guilts:
    A naughty adulteress playing with her hard of hearing, and somewhat duped lover. Although the story was contrived it was a lot of laughs.
  • Le Grand Content
    A graphic animation that free associated with a veneer of technical accuracy. Kind of a geek beer gab set to fancy business presentation graphics. Also great fun.
  • New Boy:
    Based on the short story by Roddy Doyle involving a new boy in class this was the most complete dramatic story of the evening and very well done. The characters were great and I loved listening to the Irish accents.

I also have to mention The Funeral. A young woman plans her funeral as if it's her wedding. It has some fun moments but still left me saying "WTF?" at the end.


kc wrote 13 years 24 weeks ago


I can't believe it's only on for one night here. I would have gone for sure, and brought my junior film maker, too! Any idea if they'll be coming through again -- or do we just wait for next year?


dale wrote 13 years 24 weeks ago

One night only

Sadly it was only one night only. It wouldn't have hit my radar if not for my After the Credits podcasting partners. I'll keep you in mind for next time!

kc wrote 13 years 24 weeks ago

Thanks, Dale! I must have

Thanks, Dale! I must have missed it if it showed up on your After the Credits site. Next year!


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