Going Greyhound at Christmas

Greyhound Bus
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In all this snow my car stubbed its toe, which is to say I slid into a curb going down a side street hill. Sometimes going slow with winter tires isn't enough. Though I wish it hadn't happened I'm never-the-less happy it wasn't worse. I could have slid into another car or, God forbid, a person (though the latter was unlikely on a back street during a snow storm at 11:30pm). Getting this aftermath cleared up turned into a minor saga and resulted in my "going Greyhound" for the annual Vernon Christmas trek.

The Good

  • Can sleep or doze
  • If bad road conditions, someone else is worrying about them
  • Can read, sort of (see The Bad)
  • Bathroom
  • Bigger vehicle, better traction, better accident survivability
  • Great view out of a window seat, nice and high

The Bad

  • Sardine seats, so squished you can't work on a laptop, or barely hold a book in front of you to read
  • Takes longer to get to destination
  • Sardine seats
  • On just the cost of gas, is not cheaper than driving, even with a single person
  • Sardine seats
  • Sometimes crying kids
  • Sardine seats
  • Asshats with loud personal audio gear
  • Sardine seats
  • Have added time, cost and hassle of getting to/from the bus terminal

Have you picked out my biggest complaint? I may not have a big readership, but you're a clever bunch!

I appreciate Greyhound makes more money by packing in the passengers, but holy shit, do they squeeze you in. If the person in front of you reclines their seat there isn't enough room to hold a paperback book in front of yourself to read. I'm average height and I was having problems with leg room. Being this squished for extended periods of time makes this a travel method of last resort.

The sad thing is that with a bit more space I might prefer Greyhound over driving, even with the potential for cranky kids or loud mp3 player. It's nice having the option to sleep and let someone else worry about the road. A power outlet so I could use my laptop would make it more compelling (and isn't that hard).

Put me on the list of people wishing we had a rail service like Europe.


Maureen wrote 12 years 49 weeks ago


Greyhound may suck and have sardine seats, but I'm glad you still decided to make the trip.

dale wrote 12 years 49 weeks ago

Me too!!!

Me too!!!

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