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Author and force of nature kc dyer has been wrapping up 2008 with series of guest posts called Top 8 of '08 at her blog, leftwriter. You might wonder about why someone would take on a task like this along with all the other holiday craziness. kc is also the powerhouse coordinator for the Surrey International Writers' Conference, she's an expert cat herder and eats inbox emails for breakfast!

13th Colony Leader (and possible Cylon) Valwith "13 Weeks of BSG" Poster The end is near for Battlestar Galactica fans! If you're in Vancouver, you don't have to experience it alone! With rollicking good stories worthy of the Peabody award, a writer's strike, and the general insanity that is network television, it's been quite a ride for fans of the "re-imagined" Battlestar Galactica. And now we're at the beginning of the end. The start of 2009 brings the end of Season 4, and with it, the end of the series.

This is apparently old news: the CBC Vancouver Radio One is now broadcasting on FM 88.1. It's hard to get a clear timeline, but it looks like the CRTC approved the new frequency in May 2008 and CBC Vancouver has been broadcasting experimentally since October 2008. The only article I could find on the CBC site was this undated entry: Celebrate CBC Radio One on 88.1 FM. It isn't clear if 88.1 is still considered "experimental" or has become "production".

Those of you reading this blog who are also bloggers might be interested in a post I just made at Group 42: Building Your Personal Brand - Rebecca Bollwitt Rebecca Bollwitt, Vancouver's Miss 604 and star blogger spoke on personal branding at a recent meeting of Third Tuesday Vancouver and I caught it on video. Some great information on blogging in general and building a readership through branding. There's also links to notes if you want skim the information without taking in the video.

(or, Embracing My Inner Language Geek) Count me among the people who can't spell their way out of a high school English test. Who the hell thought it was a good idea having both "ible" and "able" as word endings, making both "ie" and "ei" valid letter combinations, or having so many different rules for adding "ing", not of which apply for "skiing"? And we haven't even begun talking grammar!

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