13 Weeks of Battlestar Galactica

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13th Colony Leader (and possible Cylon) Val
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The end is near for Battlestar Galactica fans! If you're in Vancouver, you don't have to experience it alone!

With rollicking good stories worthy of the Peabody award, a writer's strike, and the general insanity that is network television, it's been quite a ride for fans of the "re-imagined" Battlestar Galactica. And now we're at the beginning of the end. The start of 2009 brings the end of Season 4, and with it, the end of the series.

The local BSG fan club, The 13th Colony has arranged a special treat: 13 Weeks of BSG! It's 13 fan viewing parties, one a week, for the 2 Season 4.0 marathon refreshers and the 10 final episodes! And just for good measure, there's a final post-mortem get together to wrap everything up. I've even heard there will be prizes.

All of the viewings are at LaFontana Cafe, 3701 Hastings St, in Burnaby (Google Map). It’s just a couple of blocks from the Kootenay Bus Loop on Hastings Street, so easy to access even if you don’t have a car.

For more information on the 13th Colony:
Meetup: 13th Colony - Vancouver's Battlestar Galactica Fan Club
Facebook: 13th Colony on Facebook
Blog: 13th Colony Blog

Here's the schedule. Starting time is an hour before the show starts to give everyone a chance to settle in.

Sun Jan 4/09 Noon Season 4.0 Refresher Pt 1 - 5 episodes
Sun Jan 11/09 Noon Season 4.0 Refresher Pt 2 - 5 episodes
Fri Jan 16 @ 6pm First New Episode
Fri Jan 23/09 @ 6pm New Episode
Fri Jan 30/09 @ 6pm New Episode
Fri Feb 6/09 @ 6pm New Episode
Fri Feb 13/09 @ 6pm Joint Event with BC Browncoats
7pm: BSG New Episode
8pm: Terminator
9pm: Dollhouse
Fri Feb 20/09 @ 6pm New Episode
Fri Feb 27/09 @ 6pm New Episode
Fri Mar 6/09 @ 6pm New Episode
Fri Mar 13/09 @ 6pm New Episode
Fri Mar 20/09 @ 6pm Last Episode!
Sat Mar 28/09 @ 1pm Post-Mortem on the series, a discussion over coffee


Spacepug wrote 12 years 47 weeks ago

13 Weeks of BSG

Just found out the other day the current edit for the final episode is 3 hrs long. Want to bet Sci-Fi Channel (and therefore necessarily Space Channel here in Canada) will try to stretch out the end by a couple more weeks in order to garner as much advertising revenue as possible? So the final part of the schedule should be considered "in flux."

Thanks for getting the word out.

Val, aka Spacepug

Laurie wrote 12 years 47 weeks ago

Finally, the end

We're going to try to make at least the premiere and the finale, and possibly the Feb 13th episode.
Actually, we may be able to make January 23 too, since I booked off a bunch of days then. Yay! Can't wait :)

dale wrote 12 years 47 weeks ago


This is looking to be a very fun time.

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