CBC Radio One Vancouver at FM 88.1

Zune on FM 88.1This is apparently old news: the CBC Vancouver Radio One is now broadcasting on FM 88.1.

It's hard to get a clear timeline, but it looks like the CRTC approved the new frequency in May 2008 and CBC Vancouver has been broadcasting experimentally since October 2008. The only article I could find on the CBC site was this undated entry: Celebrate CBC Radio One on 88.1 FM. It isn't clear if 88.1 is still considered "experimental" or has become "production".

This is great news for me. The CBC AM signal gets so much electrical interference in my apartment that I can't listen to it here (and my only radio capable of AM reception is ready for retirement). All of the CBC radio programs I listen to regularly are via podcast, with casual radio listening when I happen to be driving in my car. Now some casual home listening is an option.

I am left wondering at the communications fail. The information is on the CBC website if you look it up, but except for the low key contest page there doesn't seem to be much fanfare or even an official announcement. I found out about it because of a casual twitter from Boris. This isn't an earth shattering big deal but it deserves more attention than it seems to be getting!

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kc dyer wrote 12 years 48 weeks ago

I heard about it on CBC

I heard about it on CBC Almanac yesterday, as just a throw-away comment. I agree -- they should have a little more fan-fare!


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