kc dyer's Top 8 of '08 Series with Yours Truly

Author and force of nature kc dyer has been wrapping up 2008 with series of guest posts called Top 8 of '08 at her blog, leftwriter. You might wonder about why someone would take on a task like this along with all the other holiday craziness. kc is also the powerhouse coordinator for the Surrey International Writers' Conference, she's an expert cat herder and eats inbox emails for breakfast!

I was tickled to be among the bloggers asked, and a bit humbled to be in the company of so many published authors!

My contribution, Top 8 of '08, with Guest Blogger Dale McGladdery, is a selection of movies containing deeper meaning for writers. Little did kc know, I've always wanted to get this info out of my system!

If you're looking for some fun light reading, I encourage you to read the series. From dead falling hedgehogs to wine to books to treats to Northern Lights there's an eclectic mix of people's favourite things. Great idea, kc!

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Dale's a celebrity now!

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