"lost in a moment" Video

While cleaning up some bookmarks I re-discovered this video. I can't recall when I first came across it, or who to give the hat tip too, but I bookmarked it because I wanted to post it here. Somewhat delayed, but no less enjoyable: lost in a moment.

I'm not entirely fond of the music, though I don't hate it. What I really like about the piece is, as the videographer puts it, the space that the camera was able to enter.. extremely personal and scrutinising but not too lingering. Follow the link to the original for the thevideographer 's comments on the piece. They're quite interesting.


Marina wrote 12 years 34 weeks ago

That's pretty awesome. I'm

That's pretty awesome. I'm assuming from the movement that the camera is on the belt - very cool.

I actually love the music - will have to search this out.

Great find Dale!

dale wrote 12 years 34 weeks ago

Yes, they simply placed the

Yes, they simply placed the camera on the belt. There's a point in the video where the camera is pointing at a mirror and you can see it. It's not exactly inconspicuous! I'm surprised there wasn't more reaction from people as it passed. I would have been very tempted to wave!!!

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