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I recently received a package from the US with these cool Bette Davis stamps. It seems like a shame to throw them away, but I don't know any stamp collectors and don't know what I'd do with them if I kept them. Posting a picture here seems like the next best thing!

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Tucked away in literally the most southwest corner of continental Canada is Boundary Bay Regional Park and Centennial Beach [ Google Map ]. Last Saturday, after living in Vancouver for many years, I finally made it out to Boundary Bay for the first time. Some fellow SciFi fans and I were having some fun on a mini-road trip exploring Battlestar Galactica filming locations.

Last night I was a very pleased guest at the "Sins of the City" Tweetup at the Vancouver Police Museum. Don't know what "tweetup" means? Don't worry, it's not important. What is important is sex, drugs, illegal weapons, and the stories that surround them! "Sins of the City" is a historical walking tour run by the Vancouver Police Museum. Some 30 of us were guests of Chris Mathieson, the museum's Executive Director, for a museum open house and preview of 2009's tour (the tour changes every year).

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Today a couple of friends and I checked out the Golden Ears Bridge event. Given most of the bridges in Vancouver have interesting views I wanted to check out the lower mainland's latest infrastructure addition. And the thought of being able to do it without cars zooming by had an appeal.

Granville Island Brewery (GIB) is one of the first things you see entering Granville Island and the first microbrewery in Canada. Last Wednesday was "twitter follower appreciation night" at GIB and I was there! The night was a lot of fun but the real highlight was, no surprise, the beer. This is GIB's 25th year of brewing, and they've marked the occasion by creating a new beer: Brockton IPA — It's delicious!

Back in May when I proclaimed, Digital Doodles - Now Powered by Drupal 6, I said: If you're visiting here directly and not reading this in your RSS reader, you may have noticed there isn't much difference between the front page and the Doodle Pad page. I have more plans for the front page, that's all I'm saying right now. I didn't want to give details for fear of jinxing the results, but now it's ...

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Last Wednesday I scored a ticket to an advanced screening of the movie Moon. Many of the greater Vancouver science fiction groups were given passes, so it turned into a wonderful gathering of friends. The evening had a great expectant energy. Well done science fiction movies don't come along often and everyone had high hopes.

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You'll undoubtedly agree it's a drag when good friends move away. Some good friends of mine moved out to east Surrey and while I was happy for them, they could finally get dogs, their new lifestyle required a change in visiting habits. Enter Dublin Crossing. Dublin Crossing is an Irish themed pub near the Surrey/Langley border at 188th street and Fraser Highway.

Yesterday my friends introduced me to a store that has my vote as THE best toy store in the greater Vancouver area. It come up in conversation at Sunday's Dublin Crossing brunch when I asked if there were any good toy stores in Langley (I had a birthday present to buy). "Didn't I know about Toy Traders" they asked, a little surprised? Well no, I didn't. That's fixed, now.

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Have you ever walked out the door or stood at a bus stop and wondered when the next bus is coming? Translink's "Next Bus" service gives you an easy way to find out. "Next Bus" isn't new, but doesn't seem widely known either. I periodically meet people who don't know about it, or don't know that it's available both via SMS text message on mobile phone and on the Translink website. I only discovered the website feature recently, myself. Here's how it works.

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